Wormax.io Guide

  • wormax.io secret skin

    How To Use Wormax.io Secret Skin?

    The game called Wormax io has become even better with the app that lets you unlock secret skins! This app is there for download on a website. This app is meant for use on Android! Let your pals know about…

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  • wormax.io private server

    How To Play On Wormaxio Private Server?

    If you are yet to give the game of Wormaxio a try you must be aware of the fact that you’re missing an astonishing gaming escapade. With thousands of authentic online players trying to prevail over one another, Wormaxio presents…

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  • wormax.io moded server

    Play In A Wormax.io Moded Server

    Wormax.io is the name of a game that’s known to be amongst the most played multiplayer io games online by people. In this situation, the gifted developers have not made any delay in creating the game mods. the game mods…

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  • wormax.io happy new year

    Wormax.io Happy New Year

    You might have played a lot of snake games in your childhood. Here is Wormax.io happy new year bringing a different concept but in a very similar fashion. Playing Wormax.io happy new year can let your time pass like no…

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  • wormax.io skills

    Overview Of Wormax.io Skills

    Wormax.io is amongst the funny multiplayer io games where you can show your awesome Wormax.io skills. This is a game that is like Slither.io, another trendy iO game online. However, Wormax.io is something special and has features that make it…

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  • wormax.io quests

    Wormax.io Quests Guide

    In this article, we are going to discuss the Wormax.io quests feature in the game. You will find a button with the word “quests” in the main menu’s upper right corner. This button has a couple of states. One state…

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  • wormax.io shop

    Wormax.io Shop Guide

    When you look for the first time, Wormaxio appears amazingly like the other online io games that are worm based. Its graphics bear a resemblance to the ones in games that include Wormate.io and Slither.io. The Wormaxio worms appear as…

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  • wormax.io vs wormate.io

    Wormax.io Vs Wormate.io

    The io game Wormate.io is a blend of the fine facets of Wormax.io & slither.io. However, in this io game, you munch confections and not merely shining spots. There are mixtures about the guide that you can discover and they…

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  • wormax.io boosters

    General Description Of Wormax.io Boosters

    At its central part, Wormax.io has a great deal of similarity to one more highly trendy snake game, which is Slither.io. On the other hand, Wormax.io has several added features and they perhaps make this game better compared to slither…

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