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wormax.io quests

In this article, we are going to discuss the Wormax.io quests feature in the game. You will find a button with the word “quests” in the main menu’s upper right corner. This button has a couple of states. One state does not have any exclamation mark for no reward on offer while the other has an exclamation mark on a minimum of a single reward on offer.

Wormax.io Quests – Its Branches

The number of branches of Wormax.io quests is 4. They are:

  1. For gaining a definite length in a single battle,
  2. For gaining a definite number of kills overall in a single or more than a few battles,
  3. For collecting definite numbers of boosters overall in a single/ more than a few battles,
  4. For keeping your location in the leading 10 for a definite time overall in a single / more than a few battles.wormax.io quests

The Way In Which Wormaxio Quests Work

  • Players have the freedom of completing/finishing all of the 4 Wormax.io quests branches concurrently.
  • In the event of a player having completed/finished the conditions of over a single quest from diverse branches in combat, every one of them is going to be considered as completed or finished and the player is going to have the freedom of taking the rewards.
  • In the event of a player having completed/finished the conditions of a present and a subsequent quest from the identical branch in combat, just the initial quest is going to consider finished. An instance of such a situation is when the present quest’s 5 kills, the one after that is 10 kills, with the player having killed 15 worms in a single battle.
  • Players could be given Premium, temporary artifacts & essence in the form of rewards for completing or finishing the quests.
  • The advancement for a definite branch is not going to be considered or counted till the player has taken the reward for that branch.
  • With the Wormax.io shop, you can have the features that are sold with money in the game.

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