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How To Use Wormax.io Login?

Wormax.io is the name of an online multiplayer io game. You must be in control of your worm while it swims about the monitor, consume shimmering orbs for gaining mass, and don’t bump against other players. Gather cool power-ups while you swim down the length. Try and turn into the greatest worm on the game server. Wormax.io’s gameplay and some features after you’ve logged by Wormax.io login.

Game Overview – Wormax.io Login

First, you register yourself for teaming up with your pals and playing together. After you have entered the Wormax.io login particulars you must pick a name and a skin. Your objective in this game is to try and make your worm as stretched as you are able to. for doing that you require collecting foodstuff on the map avoiding bumping into the different worms.

wormax.io login

Each user is deemed to have accepted the Wormax.io rules when starting the game. You have the option of inviting pals for playing this game by sending them your individual link once you are registered. After you’re registered, you are going to get essence on the basis of your performance in every game session. You are also going to get access to Shop, rating, and Premium.

Some Features Of This Game

Below we discuss some of the features of the game after you’ve registered yourself by entering the Wormax.io login particulars.

  • Acceleration – This adds to the swiftness of movement of a player’s worm. this gets activated at 11 set length by the press of the left mouse button / by pressing Q.
  • Stop – This brings the worm’s movement to a stop (but for a maximum of 5 seconds). It becomes accessible on a player setting the length of 100. A player can activate this by pressing and holding the button labelled W.
  • Ghost – this makes your worm translucent for a duration of 5 seconds. During this period, the worm could overlap with different worms, without expiring. This gets activated at the 500 set length by a press of the button labeled E.

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