What Is Wormax.io Essence?

Wormax.io, which recently entered our game life, continues to dissociate from other games with its new features. These features are wormax.io essence, wormax.io premium and so on. Our goal in this game is to collect the most points, to enlarge the snake and to reach a higher league. Also, you can gain advantage over other players by collecting boxes with different skill attributes in the game map. In this article, we will explain wormax.io essence system.

Wormax.io Essence

The game offers 6 different packages which offer a variable amount of wormax.io essence depending on their price. In addition, some of these packages are discounted now. There are different 7 extra skills that you can buy from market. Furthermore, if you buy wormaxio essence, you can have extra skills faster. These skills are decreasing the cooldown for the ‘Stop’ skill, decreasing the cooldown for the ‘Ghost’ skill in seconds or percentage, increasing the starting lenght, increasing the range of collecting food, increasing the range of coverage and increasing the toxic skill time.

wormax.io essence

More Information About Wormaxio Essence

Wormax.io players make their snakes more special and powerful against other players in this way. When you have registered wormax.io, you can see the essence page. There are three types of payment options for players which are PayPal, credit cart and other selection. Of course you can have these essences without paying money in this game. However, these methods are based on the level system, killing other wormax.io snkaes and collecting points.

The more wormax.io essence means that you can be stronger. Besides, you will have the chance to play in the higher leagues by collecting a lot of points. If wormax.io players want to hae faster development, wormaxio essence and advanced wormaxio skills become a big advantage in this game. The essence accelerates to develop the features of your snake and makes it easier to reach the upper leagues. Finally, purchasing wormaxio essence is not a requirement for you because everyone has collect essence with playing game.

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