Wormax.io Premium Advantages

wormax.io premium

Wormax.io is among the most popular games these days and has a feature Wormax.io premium that distinguishes it from other games. The goal in this game is to maximize your score, increase the size of your snake, and gain a size advantage against your opponents.

Many players play this game as an alternative to slither.io or as a snake game with more features. Although it is a classic slither.io style game, there are many features distinguishing it from Slither.io that are provided from the feature boxes on the map. Apart from this, one of them is the Wormax.io premium service to gain access to the features you can buy with money and take advantage of the competitors. In this article, we will explain its properties.

Wormax.io Premium

To get a premium, you must first register with Wormax.io. When you buy Wormax.io premium, you can have many advantages, unlike other players. You will not see ads on the site. Besides, when you collect the feeds that are formed after you kill the snake, you will grow up 50% faster than the other players. In addition, your snake’s 50% faster growth rate is also valid when collecting normal feeds on the map.

wormax.io premium

When you increase the speed of your snake, the number of points and feed behind the snake is decreasing by 50%, so you can protect your snake size more than normal players. The unique skills you collect from the map are active longer. Also, instant boosters have %50 stronger effects. Moreover, there are three different Wormaxio premium packages available which are 1 month 3 months, and unlimited periods. Hence, you should decide which period will be good for you.

How to Buy Wormaxio Premium

You must first enter your Wormax.io account, choose the premium package you will buy from the menu, and go to the payment page. Wormax.io offers you credit cards, PayPal, and other payment options. Finally, once you have completed the payment, you can now use premium features in your account. With Wormax.io essence you can access the best features, but you have to pay real money.

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  2. I had a small pink worm chasing me and another large worm over 200,000 length and it seemed to have unlimited ghost lives. It was killed at least 5 times. Not cool. It must be a hack.

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