Wormaxio Tips & Tricks

wormaxio tips

You should not have much of a hard time playing Wormaxio especially if you are familiar with .io games. However, you might need some help to become bigger than others and take up a much greater share of the board especially if you are new to .io games. For this reason, we have come up with some helpful Wormaxio tips to help you outdoor your opposition.

Wormaxio Tips

For you to grow bigger, you will have to allow your worm to eat more worm/snake bits and small dots on the board. It’s important to keep in mind that the mechanics force the bigger snakes to bump onto the sides of smaller snakes. This, therefore, means that small snakes always have an edge. In case your snake bumps into another snake’s side, then that’s definitely the end of you because you will explode and the remains of your snake will be the food for everyone on the board.,

wormaxio tips

Wormaxio Tips: Avoid Getting Too Close

Moving side-by-side with equally large or larger opponents can be very dangerous. Even though large snakes are slower, the enemies that are alongside your snake can allure you in, moving your direction in a manner that your head hits their sides. However, you can also use this method to your advantage. Use it as a way to allure smaller snakes to move to your side. You need to be very careful when you notice someone moving very close to you for comfort because they may be strategizing and only trying g to corner you in a tight spot.

Sit & Relax As Others Feed

This is probably one of the best Wormaxio tips you can ever find. When a big snake dies, there is always pandemonium on the board. All the smaller snakes on the board try to grab bits of the remains of the larger snake. That brings trouble, irrespective of your snake’s size. So, when other snakes are feeding, just sit back and wait until things are calmer, and see whether tiny bits will come away.

Go Around Your Enemies Circles

The best way to trick smaller snakes on the board into crashing their heads into you is to go round them in circles.  Continue going around them slowly in circles until they zigzag into you and explode. You will need to be patient to learn this technique. Once you know it, you will find it very easy to lure snakes into their deaths.

The above Wormaxio tips will help you play the game like a pro. If you are having trouble connecting to the game, you can enter the game using the Wormaxio unblocked version.

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