Wormax.io Controls Guide

wormax.io controls

Wormax.io is one of the best online games that have been gaining fame and popularity all over the online gaming world. The game is simple and has a user-friendly interface as well. You can also go through the Wormax.io controls guide to know more about how to control your worm.

The Detailed Wormax.io Controls

The Wormax.io controls are a little more difficult than the previous games since the games have a variety of features. You need to control your snake with the help of a mouse and your snake will be guided by the direction of your mouse. You can also direct your mouse in the left and right direction by guiding your mouse. In this game you have to fight with Wormax.io worms enemies.

wormax.io controls

There are three ways on how you can speed up your worm in the Wormax.io game. The left button of the mouse, the Q button, and the Up arrow button along with the other Wormax.io controls will help speed up your snake. In addition, the Wormaxio controls have some special features where you can stop your snake by pressing the W button. This will help to stop your snake for a short period of time. The Invisibility feature is also a good feature in the game, which can be activated by pressing the E button. These are some of the most important controls of the game.

The Main Wormaxio Controls

Apart from the above controls in Wormax.io, you can also use the spacebar, the left control of your mouse, and the Q button in order to speed up. When you reach a certain size, you can use the W and the E button that can help you to become invisible. You can easily pass through the other snakes when you become invisible. These skills however have a limited time and thus they should be used when required.

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