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What is Wormax.io?

 What is Wormax.io?

There are many people who do not know meaning of the wormax.io. We will explain this term in an easy way. Wormax.io is a new game in the .io game sector. It is created by ELYLAND  LLC. Its features look like slither.io. However, wormax.io has many special things which slither.io has never offered to players. If we want to describe these special things, we need to mention incredibly different skins.

You can get free skins if you share that game on facebook, twitter or vk. Also, the usual properties of the new .io game are leaderboard and huge servers that host about 500 players at same time. Morever, the new game present registration system which brings some features to people . These features are playing with your friends and buying some special skins which are more different than free versions. When you are playing the game, you will see some circular skills boxes that gains some particular skills compared to other players. Those are zoom out, poison and so on.


 How to Play Wormax.io

Playing this game is basic for all players. You need to have only mouse and standard laptop or computer to play. You do not need to download to play the game because it is a browser based game. Hotkeys to play are Q, W, E and mouse. The function of Q speeds up your snake and function of W stops your snake for a short time. In addition ,the most special hot key is that E gains to your snake invisibility at certain time. The direction of the snake is controlled by mouse direction that is very common method in .io games.

 Wormax.io Mods

We will share wormax.io mods as soon as possible. It will have a lot of exclusive features to ease your playing satisfaction as well. You can use our scripts in Google Web Store and TamperMonkey with Chrome, Safari, Opera and Mozilla. Besides, some internet pages are telling that wormax.io hacks are ready but this is not available yet. Be careful of them!

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