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At its central part, has a great deal of similarity to one more highly trendy snake game, which is On the other hand, has several added features and they perhaps make this game better compared to slither in numerous ways and one among them is the game’s several unique boosters that spawn on top of the map at random. Such boosters are able to ease the game and make it more enjoyable. Boosters

While you crawl about the map and hunt for food you could occasionally come upon booster groups that spawn arbitrarily all through the world. As in any different game, these boosters can be of help to you in getting ahead and gaining an edge over your enemies. With power ups, you can get powers that other players do not have. boosters

Some Of Wormaxio Boosters Of The Game

  • Health Booster – When you consume this aim of yours is going to gain +300 lengthwise instantly. These boosters are easily recognizable by their diverse kettlebell icon.


  • Telescope Booster – consume this and you are going to have the advantage of a 10% boost in your field of sight. This booster is recognizable by its distinctive binocular icon. Its effect stays for a minute.


  • Toxic Booster – this is going to make your worm noxious for a minute. This implies that in the event of you dying while toxic, any different snake that makes an attempt to devour your remains is instead going to lose that quantity of length. Moreover, in the event of you accelerating ahead, the sections that you leave at the back are also noxious. However, a point to be noted is that a worm is not going to die simply from consuming noxious food. The lower limit is 10 length points that you can’t go any lower than when you consume toxic food. The Toxic Booster is easily recognizable by its distinctive radioactive icon.

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